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DEAR NET MAKE - what are you doing?

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  • DEAR NET MAKE - what are you doing?

    I would like to have somebody from NetMake update us on the situation with MOBILE TEMPLATES (or so called RESPONSIVE DESIGN feature).
    you can list all new exciting DC features here (right below this line)

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    Ok Arthur, you made your point.
    Albert Drent
    aducom software netherlands
    scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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      hue,hue,... it looks like there are only two of us on this I wrong?


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        I want that to.
        maybe need to wait for ver 12.


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          I received an email from netmake(scriptcase's owner) for renew my scriptcase subscribe and with the message came some new features of scriptcase 8 and one of them is the mobile apps friendly.

          See bellow the full set of new features:

          The Scriptcase version 8 aims to be one of the best existing BI tools in the market, and also transform it's solutions developed compatible and responsive withMOBILE environments.

          Some of the new features in version 8 are:

          Import MS ACCESS, Excel and CSV files into relational databases.
          ▪ Improved themes customization using CSS3.
          ▪ New chart selection interface.
          ▪ New tool to manage all the images used in Scriptcase.
          ▪ Modified interface that has a improved Menu distribution making the applications customization easier.
          ▪ New chart application that uses drag & drop features.
          ▪ Form generation compatible with mobile platforms.
          ▪ Improved filter in grid applications, fully dynamic and defined by the end user.
          ▪ Auto Complete feature in all fields on the filter automatically.
          ▪ Added a new feature for dynamic group bys defined by the end user.
          ▪ Modifications in the calendar application, such as printing, new themes and permission to drag the record.
          ▪ Group By and Pivot Table creation using drag & drop by the end user.
          ▪ Updated the Code editor used in the events.
          ▪ New "Selection Column" option independent of the selected columns in the grid.