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Ajax Onclick event bug or am I wrong..

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  • Ajax Onclick event bug or am I wrong..

    I am trying to determine why the ajax event is firing but the sc_redir doesnt open.

    I have a radio button and when I click it it is suppose to open a web page in a new window but the processing come up but window doesnt open..

    Is sc_redir not able to process in ajax events?

    Here is what I have in the onclick event (I am actually passing 2 parameters for first and last for the showed variables...)
    I even had it echo out the url and it was fine too..

    $first = 'Tom';
    $last = 'Jones';
    $url = "$first+$last&fulltext=Search";
    I dont know how to debug why its firing but not opening ..
    Any Ideas?
    sc_redir($url, "", "_blank");

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    An ajax event is a message between the client (webpage) and the server without the page being refreshed. That's the basic principle of ajax events. You can change a part of the screen without refreshing full content. So I don't expect it to work. What do you want to achieve so we can find a work-around?
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      Well here is why I was doing it this way

      I have 26 series of 3 related fields

      The radio button was going to be duplicated for each series and it was
      Taking two of the field values and using them in the URL
      So when the radio button was clicked it was suppose to open a new window

      I can't create buttons cause they need to be next to each series


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