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  • Parsing HTML

    I would like to store HTML file in the TEXT type column (in MySQL). Then I would like to read the HTML code from that field and parse it to the App. another words: user stores the HTML in the database, but the App is interpreting it very much the same way as browser does. This is very well known technique on mobile devices. Has anybody implemented something like that in SC ?


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    Perhaps I misunderstand, but isn't that exactly what tinyMCE does? You store raw html into the database and you can present it in a label type field...
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      Yes Albert, that was my initial thought, but how you deal with the images ?

      Say user created a HTML file locally (with some HTML Editor For Dummies). He/She placed an image which would be referred either as: C:/MyPictures/ or as /localhost/images/Image01.jpg
      Now when I place the App on the server:
      1. the path to the image has to be replaced with new reference
      2. Image has to be transferred to the appropriate path

      The (2) is easy
      The (1) in general is possible but I'm not sure how to handle that in SC ?

      What I wanted to do is:
      1. User creates HTML file (locally - no internet), and inserts an image(s)
      2. User logs in to the remote App then does Copy/Paste of the HTML code to the editor, then.... the final step would be to upload the images to the server (or perhaps the images have to be uploaded first), then some process must parse the Local PAth to Server Path