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Biometric Device with sc_webservice macro.

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  • Biometric Device with sc_webservice macro.

    I am new in SC (Purchased on 11th Jan 2016 ).

    I have created an application for Vehicle Time Detention with Biometric/RFID Device. All the functions of my application are running properly with manual data entering, But i want to connect with Biometric Device to send/receive data automatically. Biometric device supplier told me to create a SOAP Web Service to connect to the Device with their SDK to in/out data.I have refered sc_wbservice macro but i can't understand how it works and creates XML and to in/out data from my application to Biometric Device. Please find the attachment wherever there is a red circle over there the data from Biometric Device will be added automatically.

    Please help me to create SOAP Web Service.and if any other option is there to connect with Biometric Device

    If anyone can help me, i will provide the complete details of my application.

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    I think you should build a soap web client? As the device most likely will be the server? In general you need to consume a wsdl file which is not done by scriptcase. My suggestion is to download the freeware soapui and consume the wsdl. Then you will see how the xml message to send should look like. Mostly you can build this xml file easy and use the curl functions to send the file to the server and catch the reply. With simplexml you can parse. Of course you can also look into higher level solutions like php soap or nusphere's nusoap.
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