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  • Sales Application (Webshop)

    I watched the PayPal video but I cannot find the webshop application. I've created the samples application but I don't see it. I need the IPN return variables for my application but cannot find any documentation on them. Where is this webshop application everyone references? Or any application that has a PayPal example?

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      Can you tell me where the PayPal control module is?


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        FYI I was able to find the IPN return global variables here:

        But the PayPal documentation needs some significant updates. It really needs the detail on how to use it, not just create a control module.

        I also looked again in the online shop module and still could not find the PayPal control module.


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          I used the webshop module to add paypal functionality. It's not default in the sample, you have to apply it yourself.
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            And the video was nice but the fact that it's not in the sample is my issue. SC needs to improve it's documentation and samples to allow someone to review what is supported and how to code it. The fact that I had to search almost an hour to find the fields returned from PayPal is not acceptable. It should be in the documentation under a PayPal section.