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DEAR NET MAKE - can you help me ?

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  • DEAR NET MAKE - can you help me ?

    I was asked one by the Tech Support person to open Team Viewer, give him a password and access and wait for him to look up my PC. He did not give me the time so it could happen 9am or 2pm or the next day....
    I should then sit by the computer and watch the screen to see when he logs in and fixes my SC. I really have no words for such stupidity.
    Dear Net make - please hire some outsourcing company as your guys simply cannot handle the tast at all (lack of knowledge and no English skills at all)

    I cannot deploy Applications because I get an error on download


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    AFAIK support just works over email, I think you must at least take into consideration the possibility of a remote connection to check what's wrong with your PC (because based on your last problems, it's something related with your computer, not with SC) and give thanks.

    Said thath, yes, a remote connection needs a time confirmation.

    Note: they are working on improve support.

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      Hello Arthur,

      Have you tried to download the file using another browser?

      Bernhard Bernsmann


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        This is odd, I can download without problems. All I can think of is that you have a popup blocker or are in a limited zone (IE).


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          Dear aka,

          I'll try to help you in this case. I need somethings of you, as for example your SC diagonsis that you can get it by the menu "Help -> Diagnosis", click on the link at top of the page and save the document with html format. Also I want to know which the browser you're using for download. For last, let me know the name of the person that has asked you before.

          I'm waiting your return to help you, have a great day.

          Best regards,
          Caio Guerra
          Caio Guerra
          Scriptcase - Web Developer


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            Yes I did try other borwsers - same problem. No the PopUp blocker (if not enabled for localhost) would not allow me to use SC at all.


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              do not use IE (but test fails as well)