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  • Email - include image user uploaded

    Good morning,

    I have a small "ticketing" application for employees to notate issues that occur during their shift. When they submit the ticket, it's emailed to me - all working fine.

    They want to be able to "screen shot" a computer issue and attach it to a ticket when they create it - so I added a large blob field and tested the form where they can drag, or browse to the screen shot. That's all working now too.

    But when the form is submitted and the email is sent, I can't figure out how to have the screenshot attached to the notification email? If I just put the field into the email, I get hundreds of gibberish text lines in the email (which I assumed I would). In searching the forum, I see where it's suggested to include a link to the newly uploaded image, but I can't figure out the path to the image associated to the new ticket...and even if I did, wouldn't know what the employee even named the screenshot.

    Is there an easy way to do this? Right now, I guess I can log on and review the image in a form - but ultimately it would be cleaner if the image was included in the submission of the new ticket form.

    Thanks very much,


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    have a look here:

    that should give you an idea.



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      To send an image with an html mail requires that you read the file and write it encoded in your html email. It requires a lot of fiddling but it works. But your email will get large in size, so I in general prefer to use links to the images on the server. It will require the user to click that he want's the images, but it keeps the images small. But then you need to upload your images to a file, not a database table.
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        Thanks very much for the feedback - I'll take a look at the coding on that page and see what I can figure out. Links to the server would be good, but we've got it locked down as only a locally accessible site, so would only work if you were clicking the links locally. Not the end of the world though - I'll see from both of your feedback, what I can work out. Thanks again!