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How to print a receipt using POS printers?

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    Originally posted by madikonda View Post
    You have additional options to print to a Epson Thermal POS printer, just like the one you show above.

    My approach is to use browser print an Invoice created with the margins suitable to the width of the printer. This approach relies on a suitable windows driver being installed on the pc.

    My preferred approach is to use raw printing. Print direct to the POS printer, by coding your receipt printing page to send escpos commands. This is similar to teh Zebra approach on teh previous page.

    I prefer to use this library from as this gives me more control from my application.

    Hope it helps others as well.

    We discarted QZPrinter, for example, because this can't work from a tablet, and we are going for the same approach, using RAW printing with fopen. Did you tried under Windows OS? We are having problems accesing USB printers, because on Windows there aren't something like "/dev/lp0" and we are accessing the printer, sharing it and with //localhost/USBPrinterName

    In local this works but we get permission denied over a shared printer in other machine like //anotherComputer/USBPrinterName

    Some idea?

    Note: For clarification, we are doing something like a spool service. A point where all petitions goes and from there printing is distributed.

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      Likely the rights of user of the service of your apache server doesnt allow access to the external devices. Create a seperate user with the rights to print and make that the user that runs the apache service (this also works for the apache service from scriptcase of course).


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        Hi Guys
        very interesting this thread for me... one question and one idea:
        - is there a tutorial for make a pdf and print it to a printer the system where the browser is installed, knows?

        And do you know Google Cloud Print?

        I use this with another programm. My Printer is only connected to a raspberry PI, which has wireless stick. So i can place my printer where ever i want and can print from every place on the world and from every machine, which has internet. Maybe you can also connect a POS printer like this?

        Best regards