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Is it possible put togheter SC + Leaflet + Geocoder ??? GPS project ....

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  • Is it possible put togheter SC + Leaflet + Geocoder ??? GPS project ....

    Dear All,

    I have to start a new project that is connected to show path/track GPS data and some indicators (i.e. temperature logger) on Geo Maps.
    There are many vans which deliver test sample tubes (i.e. blood...and other things) to a several hospitals and I have to track all from starting point to ending one.
    It could be nice do it with a on-line application that monitor where they are and what's the time ... etc. For the GPS data I think that there will not problems, for temperature and other parameters I think I need a manual data download. (i.e. temp logger makes a csv file to integrate later to GPS track map).
    Out there are thousand of possibilities but I don't want to test them all becouse I'm not able to and I've no time for that.
    Googling I founded this interesting post that match lots of interesting things.
    Leaflet is one of most used Js library of this field and it's very powerful. Geocoder is interesting too.

    Anybody of you can teach me a bit if it's a runnable solution and overall an easy... solution to implement.
    I need to understand if SC can be used to increment the value of solution or is it redundand.
    How, translated into SC structures..and terminology, can I implement it knowing a bit php and nothing about js ?
    Is anybody interested to make an on-line sample project to share with all other forum users ?
    Many thanks

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    It's difficult to connect a remote server through php to, let's say an analytical machine. You need to connect through javascript using ajax and the javascript needs to connect through com/ole or java to your machine, datalogger or whatever. In general I solve these issues using small native applications in Delphi and send them through SOAP or REST to my server. That is a simple php application to store the data into the database. I'm not a javascript guru so someone else might have better solutions.
    Albert Drent
    aducom software netherlands
    scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /