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Fail: MS Access and sc_concat

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  • Fail: MS Access and sc_concat

    Hi all,
    I'm working on an MS Access db on Windoze at the moment, which is not something I do often.

    Note I am using ODBC as the connector.

    First off, it seems "views" are not supported with MS Access & SC. Bummer

    Second, I now cannot find any means to concatenate strings - sc_concat(field1, field2, etc) AS NewField fails as an unknown MS ADO function. I.E. whateverr SC is passing to the database is rejected to MS Access.

    Standard MS Access syntax, such as field1 & field2 AS NewField also fails, but seemingly on the SC side, i.e.SC cannot parse it.

    Unless I am missing something, is there a way to concatenate fields when working with MS Access dbs?

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    UPDATE - I see I can use standard MS Access syntax to concatenate fields in the SQL builder tool. I did a copy and paste from there and it worked.

    Just a shame that the SC macro doesn't work, because now it becomes difficult to move to another db in the future.

    NB: I see sc_concat will work if there are only two parameters. If there are more it fails as an unrecognised function in ODBC.
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    The GuiGuy
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