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Got version 8 downloaded and installed...

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  • Got version 8 downloaded and installed...

    Very good instructions on how to download and install if you have v7 installed. Already converted all of my apps. The 1 app I tested so far is giving me errors about globals that v7 should have
    caught. SO I guess that's a GOOD sign.

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    Thanks Pappy. How did you get it? and what exactly the good sign you mean, errors???
    Scriptcase V8.1 Enterprise Edition.


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      Basically v8 caught an error that I created that v7 did not.

      To download I went to the download link on sc main page,
      I did the manual zip file install because I had v7 already
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        Have you got a Serial number for V8?

        I have followed the instructions but none exists in my account although subscription is current until October. Is there another way to obtain them?



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          Hey Ian... Here is how I got my serial number.

          Before downloading the zip file, I put in my email address on
          the download web page where it ask for the email, I think its under the verbiage "6 things to know
          before install" or something similar. Then I downloaded it, set it up,
          ran a few apps, and it said what the normal demo says "for evaluation purposes only".

          THEN I logged out of scriptcase, logged into my sc account on the main web
          page, then it showed me the serial number for both v7 and v8.

          hope that helps....

          Also I would check the update screen where you plug in the new serial number and see
          if some of the options there could help generate/find the new serial number.
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            I did exactly what you say on my original download and installation but no SC8 serial number exists.

            The only possible difference is that I downloaded and installed a full fresh automated installation, not the manual installation.

            When I get some free time I might re-download and re-install and see what happens.

            Thanks, Ian


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              I got some reports from customers about v8 serials not appearing on intranet.

              I reported to Marcia yesterday.

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