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SC neds to go on a diet

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  • SC neds to go on a diet

    Deploying simple test into ZIP
    I was shocked to discover that super simple test project (one grid, one form) end up with the ZIPed file of 77 MB !
    I never had a time to inspect the files but something is wrong here. This should not be more than 10 Mb.

    DEAR NET MAKE - please verify what goes or needs to go into the package, because I'm sure there is lots of unused staff added to the ZIP.


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    hi Arthur,

    that was one of my first questions about sc few months back, was exploring and trying to understand things in order to let them make sense to me, Albert (Aducom) first and many other good guys thankfully gave a good help and push until things were somehow clear, at least fundamentals understood

    well, if you checked closer, you will find that the _lib is taking the size, it is all libraries... from my experience with SC this far, those libraries will go out with deployment if you want or not... otherwise you have to share the prod environment (it can be done, and netmake made a downloadable version available) then share this library for all applications by pointing to it "manually" during deployment... i didn't like that myself, too much to do comparing to uploading about 80mb with each project if you have size on the server then it is fine... finally, 1- if you don't need those libraries, remove them after deployment... 2- consider that you will add/update them with project each while, hence it is important to re-upload again when your project is deployed as major version... especially the themes/buttons/images/icons...etc.

    i still guess that this is the least to worry about, regarding SC