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Help needed on window/block sizing

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  • Help needed on window/block sizing


    I am new to scriptcase and have a basic knowledge of php. I have the trial version and plan to buy a full version very soon

    I have setup a basic 1 to many form with details of a vehicle and then displaying multiply photos next to the details. I am not sure of the terminology used but i wish to increase the size of block/window as indicated with the blue arrows. See attached image
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    HI, Sorry i am using V8 of scriptcase


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      Within each application you can set the width of the object. It's in the general settings, the first or second item of your left menu. There you can set table width to 100%. I think you need to do that on your master application, as the detail is within the same IFrame.
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        Does not make a difference

        Hi thank you for the reply.

        I have change this to 100% and it makes no difference. See attached samples. I would like it make the frame big enough so that there are no scroll bars left and up

        Thanks for you in advance
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          Check size on frame width and height on detail options of the grid

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            Hi ...Yahoooooo, thanks for the info, it worked greats. Thanks for your help