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Best way to make an order form?

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  • Best way to make an order form?


    I would like to make an Order Form where the user selects a model of a cart.

    The user is then showed all parts related to that type of cart. They would simply just enter quantities and submit.

    It would look something like the attached images.

    What's the best way to go about this?1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg

    Thanks for any help.

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    Hello instore:

    I think what you need is a grid view form, my suggestion is to take a look to the SC form tutorials.



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      Thanks for that tip but I thought this would be easier than it seems to be?

      I just want to display all the parts for a certain cart model and then have the user enter quantities of whatever parts they want to order.

      They would then just submit the order and it would be emailed to an email address.

      It seems easy in theory but I seem to be at a loss on how to accomplish this?

      Any specific help is greatly appreciated.


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        I'm afraid there's no straight forward way to do this. I would do it this way:

        Create a Master Form with order header, and a child form for the detail. in the AfterInsertEvent of the Master Form I would create an insert for the child form with all the possible articles... that way. when the form loads back all the information would be available, then its just matter to make the quantity field as the only one available.

        I think this explanation is kind of generic but to be honest is the hottest I can do as of now (so many stuff in my head.)

        Hope this helps.