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  • Clinical Laboratory Software - Please Help

    I am working on clinical laboratory software, i face difficulties with an issue, the man on the reception will pick the test to create an invoice, say this test name is [CBC], after the invoice paid the laboratorist will click on [CBC] to enter the result, problem now this [CBC] test contains more than 10 sub-test itesms inside it, i want a suggestions on how to click one item in a grid to open a form with many many details, i know that i can do every test as an application but that really painful when you have more than 100 tests. Please advice

    Hematology (Category) => CBC (Lab Test) =>

    (Sub-Test Items)
    Scriptcase V8.1 Enterprise Edition.

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    any idea? Thank you so much
    Scriptcase V8.1 Enterprise Edition.


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      Well, here is the basic idea.
      You need three tables: Category, Test (with category_id as foreign key), Sub-Test (with test_id as foreign key).

      Create a grid for the categories with a link (button) for each record to the test grid which also has a link (button)
      to the sub-test form (type multiple records) where you can enter the result for each sub-test conducted.

      As I said, it's the basic idea and does not take other relations like patient, doctor, technician,... into consideration.