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Call a grid from another grid?

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  • Call a grid from another grid?

    What I want to do is click on an icon displayed with each row in a grid that takes me to another grid based on the key in that row.
    I have 3 tables : business, findates, and findata

    Table : business

    In the master/detail, table business is the master to :
    Table FINDATES : Financial Statement Dates (only has the 'date of' and a few other columns)

    Financial Statement Dates is the master to :
    Table FINDATA : Financial Statement DATA (this table has line items like Cash, Accts Receivable, etc.)

    From the Business Form, I have a Master/Detail link to FINDATES, and I pull up a grid to FINDATES.
    From that FINDATES grid, I want to pull up a FINDATA grid (without going to a form for that DATE).
    Can I do that?

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    Hi TheCoach,
    That would be a nested grid.
    Thank you! TheCoach