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Important multilanguage question for net make

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  • Important multilanguage question for net make

    I would like to know when the language files will be finally external. I requested this when SC5 has been released and after 3 years did not even got information if this is taken into consideration.
    Without this feature all the translational work is laid on the same developer who creates the project. While having this file or table externally one can share it on internet and have other users to translate the project into multiple languages. I think this feature is a MUST !


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    ?? If you use multilanguage then the settings ARE in seperate files.
    Check your ...../_lib/lang/ directory...


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      You do not understand my question. I have asked about language strings for translation which should be stored in a database. From the research I did it is stored in SQLite file but the way it is done makes it horrible to access and edit outside of SC. Another words anybody who has no SC license cannot edit language files.


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        language strings must be stored externally ! This is a must in a next sc version ! ! !


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          aka, from day one when reading your posts, I feel criticism coming always highlighting netMake issues, we all have troubles with them, and SC can be much better, just look how much improved lately, we have to thank them, they are not American company after all

          I agree with rr, you can edit language files in _lib/lang and without scriptcase license if the project is already running on production.

          cheers man