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ScriptCase v8.1.009 (10-13-2015 18:14)

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  • ScriptCase v8.1.009 (10-13-2015 18:14)

    New functionalities

    - Added new sorting routine for the chart application allowing sorting by size and charts with more than one metric.
    - Added support for sub charts in combination types of chart.
    - Added responsiveness support in the chart application.
    - Added support to Simplified Chinese GB18030 and GB2312 CHARSET.
    - Added support to Greek WINDOWS-1253 CHARSET.
    - Added support to Turkish WINDOWS-1254 CHARSET.
    - Added support to Hebrew WINDOWS-1255 CHARSET.
    - Added support to Arabic WINDOWS-1256 CHARSET.
    - Added support to Baltic WINDOWS-1257 CHARSET.

    Specific correction

    - Fixed problem when coping records in the horizontal forms with BIG5 CHARSET.
    - Fixed problem in the "New" button behavior in horizontal forms using the Turkish language.
    - Fixed problem in the HTML editor on Linux environments.
    - Fixed problem accessing a data dictionary that has a deleted connection.
    - Fixed support problem in the HTML Editor languages.
    - Fixed problem when using global variables named with accents in different projects using UTF-8 CHARSET.
    - Fixed problem connecting to DB2 database in the production environment.
    - Fixed problem when updating records after changing files on document (File Name) fields.
    - Fixed problem displaying values ​​in the project schedule using the Ukrainian language.
    - Fixed problem after generating a HelpCase.
    - Fixed problem when updating values ​​in forms using ISO 8859-6 CHARSET.
    - Fixed problem displaying the schema of buttons in grid application with "User Defined" orientation.


    - Fixed problem when inserting records with values ​​that have the plus sign (+) in horizontal forms.
    - Fixed problem in PDF export in the chart application.
    - Fixed problem in the TreeView behavior when using Quick Search in the Grid applications.
    - Fixed problem in application synchronization in the security module.
    - Fixed problem on "Case Settings" option in fields using CHARSET WIN-1250.
    - Fixed CHARSET problem when updating records in the form application with WIN-1250 CHARSET.
    - Fixed problem in the "Close" Button Description of the summary in the chart applications.
    - Fixed problem when creating button schemas with named previously created.
    - Fixed problem creating a sub Chart with more than one value in charts: 3D, combination, Pizza, Radar and funnel.
    - Fixed problem in the sub Charts with more then one value.
    - Fixed problem when clicking in the dynamic filter after conducting research through the Advanced Filter with modal.
    - Fixed problem in descending order DATA fields with different formats locale in the refined search.
    - Fixed problem when execute an exported application from version 8.1.006.
    - Fixed problem when trying to restore an application with the same name as an existing application.
    - Fixed problem when using "Keep Values" in the filter starting with frame.
    - Fixed problem when setting sizes in height and width in image fields, with the active increment option in Grid applications.
    - Fixed problem when using change the language in the application that has special fields as a PRIMARY KEY.
    - Fixed problem in the parameter passing between global variables when using a link button in the form.
    - Fixed problem when making download in Document fields (database) in the Grid application.
    - Fixed problem after removing all lines from the HTML editor template.
    - Fixed problem in inserting records using SQL Server with the ISO 8859-1 CHARSET.
    - Fixed problem with the expansion of the items in the tree menu after recharging it.
    - Fixed problem with the "Back" button in the tab application accessed from a link.
    - Fixed problem when trying to copy record with new HTML Editor in horizontal forms.
    - Fixed problem when creating application using SCHEMA other than the default in SQL Server connection.
    - Fixed problem of losing values ​​in disabled fields when using CHECKBOX field with the "Reload form" option.
    - Fixed support problem in HelpCase ​​Editor languages.
    - Fixed crash problem when saving the theme button.
    - Fixed problem in "Top Menu" option in the HTML Editor template.
    - Fixed problem when editing a record in a master/detail that use the modal option for editing.
    - Fixed problem color palette when used the Internet Explorer browser, in the CSS field settings.
    - Fixed problem when selecting multiple images in the "extra images" option in the application settings.
    - Fixed problem when generating applications with no connection defined.
    Last edited by John L. Santos; 10-14-2015, 11:01 AM.
    Best Regards,
    John L. Santos

    Bug Tracker Team
    NetMake - IT Solutions

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    Thanks for the update, but John, very very annoying. Code editor is a pain this way. If not solve, let us to modify this files outside SC


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      Originally posted by Giu View Post
      Thanks for the update, but John, very very annoying. Code editor is a pain this way. If not solve, let us to modify this files outside SC


      I reported the problem, Giu!

      Thank you (:
      Best Regards,
      John L. Santos

      Bug Tracker Team
      NetMake - IT Solutions