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ScriptCase v6.0.033 (09-21-2012 10:56)

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  • ScriptCase v6.0.033 (09-21-2012 10:56)

    New functionalities
    - Added sample projects for Firebird databases.
    - Implemented the "Validation Image" in the Multiple Lines Text.
    - Implemented the option for Image Capture showing only the selected records in the forms grideditável view.
    - Implemented display of the filter button in the summary details.

    Specific correction
    - Improved error message when publishing via FTP, if the server is unavailable.

    Performance improvement
    - Improved documentation for Mac OS.

    - Fixed the validation for Double Select fields defined as required in filter application.
    - Fixed the "required field" message in Date type of fields after the date is selected from the calendar.
    - Fixed the field and tables recovering with hyphen in Progress database.
    - Fixed the retrieval of primary key in Generic ODBC connections.
    - Fixed the problem with group bys and lookups with long numbers. The reason was the comparison methood, a bug found in PHP 5.2 and 5.3
    - Fixed the view issues with records containing the "br" tag in grid applications.
    - Fixed the layout problem when using more than one connection on the nested grid.
    - Fixed the problem in the grid navigation using the Informix database
    - Fixed the problem displaying detail using fields with uppercase in Master/Detail forms.