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ScriptCase v6.0.034 (10-09-2012 19:01)

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  • ScriptCase v6.0.034 (10-09-2012 19:01)

    New functionalities
    - Implemented AJAX processing for select fields using the "Title" option.
    - Added Chinese Language (Republic of China).
    - Added new themes for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.

    - Fixed the problem displaying the images of the menu item in Internet Explorer browser.
    - Fixed the problem recovering the Grid fields created from Stored Procedure in the creation interface.
    - Fixed the error message when creating a Grid Stored Procedure without parameter.
    - Fixed the option "Number of Character showing" in Nested Grids.
    - Fixed the problem connecting to a container application using the button Type of link.
    - Fixed the issue with macro sc_set_focus in forms editable Grid and Grid editable (view).
    - Fixed the error "Call to a member function Close()" when using methods in a Menu application.
    - Fixed the problem with the "Use a specifc Connection" in "N-N Relation" settings.
    - Fixed the Data Dictionary Link in express creation.
    - Fixed the formatting loss from date type of fields when used as capture link.
    - Fixed the problem while sorting applications of on the project homepage.
    - Fixed the problem in "Save As" button in templates editor.
    - Fixed the problem of fields lookup when using more than one condition in where clause.
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