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ScriptCase v6.0.036 (10-25-2012 18:16)

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  • ScriptCase v6.0.036 (10-25-2012 18:16)

    Specific correction
    - Fixed the issue when configuring mask on detail with the value "F/Y" on the groupBy date fields.
    - Removed the records per page button when using a editable grid or multiple registers form with total pagination.

    - Fixed the issue on the auto-incremented primary key results on de Log Module.
    - Fixed the issue when visualizing images using total pagination and subdirectories on editable grid or multiple registers forms.
    - Fixed the problem when closing the window from the field "Html Color" after clicking in the OK button.
    - Fixed the error when enable the Label option in a "Card Type" field.
    - Fixed the duplicated error message on minimum-charecters-configured fields' validation.
    - Fixed the issue on the visualization of capture link fields marked as Read-Only.
    - Fixed the issue in languages charset in button editor.
    Best Regards,
    John L. Santos

    Bug Tracker Team
    NetMake - IT Solutions