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ScriptCase v7.0.011 (04-30-2013 20:10)

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  • ScriptCase v7.0.011 (04-30-2013 20:10)


    - Fixed error when deleting a button named with the character '&' in the Grid, Form and Control applications.
    - Fixed issue in the option to not process HTML in the detail of the Grid application.
    - Fixed issue with the option "target" from URL fields in the Grid.
    - Fixed issue with HTML image field using Ajax event in the Grid application with filter disabled.
    - Fixed problem viewing the PDF from a Grid when it is starting by the Chart.
    - Fixed problem with the export of a Grid when it is starting by the Chart.
    Best Regards,
    John L. Santos

    Bug Tracker Team
    NetMake - IT Solutions

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    Hi Scriptcase Team,

    I report these bug since V6.0021 and today I have download the last version V7.0011 and the same bug stay without any change

    You can do a test very easy, use any MsAccess database with TABLES and VIEWS
    create a new Scriptcase project, connect to this database

    create a NEW grid application, select the database connection, select the application source and Scriptcase dropdown list only display TABLES and never display the VIEWS

    check the connection advanced filter and you can see checked TABLES and VIEWS but Scriptcase ignore this filter.

    PLEASE FIX THIS BUG, I'AM STOPED IN VERSION 6.0020, I have rignts to upgrade to V7 up to September/2013 BUT I can't do it by this bug !!!!


    I receive only the answer "CHANGE THE DATABASE TO MYSQL" but my Scriptcase version is for "MsAccess", I prefer MsAccess, I pay a lot more money by this MySql/MsAccess Scriptcase Version, and it is not fair not to attend my order.


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      Hello Aquiles,

      Issue reported to our bugs team.

      Bernhard Bernsmann