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ScriptCase v7.0.012 (05-13-2013 19:37)

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  • ScriptCase v7.0.012 (05-13-2013 19:37)

    New functionalities

    - Added independant option for Database Builder on the ScriptCase's user permission settings.


    - Fixed problem with Date virtual fields on German language during the database insert.
    - Fixed link problem in the abstract using special fields (spaces, accents, bars and dashes), applications query.
    - Fixed problem using the link in the summary fields in SQL ALIAS, applications query.
    - Fixed duplicate WebHelp button on the form when used in the application settings (HelpCase) and the toolbar.
    - Fixed bug in generated grid application when displaying Gantt charts button without it being configured.
    - Fixed display progress while image is loaded on Internet Explorer 9.
    - Fixed error when exporting PDF from an application query starting with charts when the "export" and "PDF" buttons is removed from the toolbar.
    - Fixed error when clicking on columns or sorting on a grid application starting with graphics.
    - Fixed handling using repeated name for a virtual field.
    - Fixed bug to include files in production environment's folder.
    - Fixed issue while saving "ScriptCase's manual lookups" on Select fields.
    Best Regards,
    John L. Santos

    Bug Tracker Team
    NetMake - IT Solutions