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ScriptCase v7.0.016 (06-20-2013 14:14)

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  • ScriptCase v7.0.016 (06-20-2013 14:14)

    New functionalities

    - Updates for all sample projects.
    - Added new project language management interface.


    - Fixed display issue in PDF Report applications when using a background on the records per line mode.
    - Fixed problem when using the macro sc_concat in auto-complete fields.
    - Fixed issue on 'Search Option' of auto-complete fields.
    - Fixed problem when using CONCAT in SQL command of auto-complete fields.
    - Improvement in the titles of the Log Module application.
    - Fixed problem when using the sc_date_conv macro on run buttons with onRecord event.
    - Fixed problem with macro sc_set_global on menu applications.
    - Fixed problem in the Multiple Records Forms, to remove the insert button.
    - Fixed problem in treatment for the schemas names of the Log Module.
    - Fixed bug in record events when creating a log schema.
    - Fixed problem in the file directory Log Module Application.
    - Fixed problem in the application interface used in Log Module.
    - Fixed problem in the toolbar displaying projects with long names.
    - Fixed problem on automatic lookup for virtual fields in form applications.
    - Fixed problem in the Data Dictionary header synchronization.
    - Fixed issue in File Fields on PHP 5.2.
    - Fixed problem in Date Fields validation messages on filters.
    - Fixed issue when defining the initial value on multiple records and editable grid forms as zero.
    - Fixed nested grid misplacement when the "detail" option is removed.
    Best Regards,
    John L. Santos

    Bug Tracker Team
    NetMake - IT Solutions

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    Hi John, and the impossibility of viewing queries in the datasource list on the grid applications using MsAccess ODBC ? When ?


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      Whex fix File upload. i think thta is Super important, Itis a bug reported with much months ago.


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        Not month ago, its more than a year, coz. I've this problem since I'm using v5.

        please fix this asap.
        Website Design


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          In sc7, code generation on sc_ticket project shows error: (Table 'saptkt.view_status_template' doesn't exist). Seems project written on earlier version are not fully compatible to sc7.


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            Hello chetan,

            Issue reported to our bugs team.

            Bernhard Bernsmann