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ScriptCase v7.1.004 (08-14-2013 18:22)

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  • ScriptCase v7.1.004 (08-14-2013 18:22)

    New functionalities

    - Added new option to show link to charts on pivot Summary.
    - Added port field in PostgreSQL connection properties on the production environment.


    - Fixed issue when changing the SQL of a Grid application when there are columns with mathematical functions.
    - Fixed issue when changing the SQL query by concatenating fields.
    - Fixed problem accessing the PostgreSQL bases using username other than default.
    - Fixed problem when using Group Label in the Summary of a Grid Application.
    - Fixed issue on the Android/Blue Menu Theme.
    - Fixed problem when using apostrophe values with sc_link macro.
    - Fixed bug in application output URL when defined in the field link properties.
    - Fixed issue uppon clicking to export a query as Microsoft Word file in Google Chrome.
    - Fixed problem with preview pictures (File Name) with subdirectory on applications with more than a thousand records.
    - Fixed issue on Grid Applications with default GroupBy rule without group, when this Grid was configured to start by filter with Summary as initial module.
    - Fixed error when viewing a report of project applications per folder.
    - Fixed problem accessing Scriptcase with an user that has all privileges but Administration.
    - Fixed problem with friendly URL when copying an application into the same project.
    - Fixed issue when importing application with friendly URL on a project that already contains the same URL.
    - Fixed problem displaying blocks when changing a form from Editable Grid to Single Record.
    - Fixed problem when setting the option to use password once in Menu Applications.
    - Fixed issue when compiling new applications when they have a link just configured.
    Best Regards,
    John L. Santos

    Bug Tracker Team
    NetMake - IT Solutions

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    The ie 10 browser problem still exists in this update. Please see the attached image.



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      Issue reported to our bugs team.

      Bernhard Bernsmann