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ScriptCase v7.1.011 (11-22-2013 15:58)

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  • ScriptCase v7.1.011 (11-22-2013 15:58)

    New functionalities

    - Added to MS SQL Server extension in Windows installer.


    - Fixed problem in the application linking of the security module for fields named with Chinese characters.
    - Fixed issue in fields DATE / TIME of the filter in Report PDF application, when the regional settings are customized.
    - Fixed problem in the N-N Relations using the object as a radio.
    - Fixed problem generating the application with global variables commented.
    - Fixed problem displaying the settings for PDF exporting when using iframe in Tab applications.
    - Fixed problem upon changes in the master / detail form using a Grid application.
    - Fixed problem in the option "submitting in the onchange" for DATE / TIME fields of a Filter.
    - Fixed issue in the chart and line settings of virtual fields of the Grid.
    - Fixed problem in the Application Search feature.
    - Fixed problem in the parameter "field_readonly" of the macro "sc_apl_conf".
    - Fixed problem in the button "Chart settings" when we unselect the option "Horizontal Total".
    - Fixed problem in visibility of disabled buttons, creating buttons.
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    Ah one of my reported bugs is fixed. Yes!.. Thanks.