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ScriptCase v8.0.031 (02-18-2015 22:31)

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  • ScriptCase v8.0.031 (02-18-2015 22:31)

    New functionalities

    - Added horizontal and vertical support for the menu application.
    - Added time parameter option when creating charts in PDF's export configuration.

    Specific correction

    - Fixed problem when using apostrophe in the Quick Search.
    - Fixed issue when using multiple criteria values in the Dynamic Search.
    - Fixed problem importing XLS files on the database.

    Performance improvement

    - Charts Exportation performance improved.


    - Fixed problem when using macro sc_error_exit in master/detail application.
    - Fixed problem when including tables with decimal fields in the Data Dictionary.
    - Fixed problem when using Ajax processing with double select.
    - Fixed bug in the PDF export's summary with multiple charts on the same page.
    - Fixed issue when editing the CHARSET while creating an application.
    Best Regards,
    John L. Santos

    Bug Tracker Team
    NetMake - IT Solutions