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ScriptCase v8.0.045 (05-14-2015 20:48)

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  • ScriptCase v8.0.045 (05-14-2015 20:48)

    New functionalities

    - Added treatment to reserved words in Sybase database.

    Specific correction

    - Fixed horizontal alignment problem in the menu when using RTL languages.
    - Fixed problem when searching values of virtual fields in the Quick Search.
    - Fixed problem in the SELECT type of field when using the advanced search in the DB2 database.
    - Fixed problem in viewing records limiting the amount of auto complete fields.


    - Fixed problem connecting to the Sybase database.
    - Fixed the display problem in the menu's toolbar.
    - Fixed the display problem when the saving the PHP method with no parameters.
    - Fixed problem in the blank's image directory.
    - Fixed problem in the lookup from the double select when used in the search.
    - Fixed problem in the log module creation with Sybase connection.
    Best Regards,
    John L. Santos

    Bug Tracker Team
    NetMake - IT Solutions

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    Thanks John

    Commented on the actual post, but also paraphrasing here for the benefit of the other folks out there:

    Did a quick test - seems okay - however, one of the fields that should be searchable does not seem to be searched - same for dynamic search. The field is selected as a searchable field, but is not shown as a selectable condition in the drop down?

    EDIT: Actually on looking, the field I had selected on the right is not appearing on the left - so if I shift it to the left it disappears and is not selectable again. Will try and reset it all to see if it re-appears.

    FURTHER EDIT: It seems the fields listed to choose from for the searches do NOT include any user created non-database fields (think you guys call them virtual fields). It was one of those I was having the error on. The fix may have fixed searching in these virtual fields, but not much good if I cannot add a virtual field to the fields that I want to be searchable :-p


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      That's why it's called virtual. :-)
      You cannot search in a database/record set for a field that is not there.
      If you want it to be searchable you have to include it (subselect/join) in your sql statement for the grid or create a view with the fields you need.

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        Thanks jsb

        I'm a muppet and you are quite right - wood for the trees. I was thrown down this rocky road because the search allowed those fields to be selected, so didn't think anything of it except that the search failed (correctly as it happens). So clearly, the fix was to stop users (i.e. me) trying to add them as search fields - rather than a "fix" to make those fields searchable. Amazing how one wrong assumption leads to logic bombs.

        The veil of clarity has once again lifted.



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          got an error on Form - Ajax Events, cannot accept any Global Variable


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            Originally posted by SaoHong View Post
            got an error on Form - Ajax Events, cannot accept any Global Variable


            We will release an update today fixing this problem.
            Best Regards,
            John L. Santos

            Bug Tracker Team
            NetMake - IT Solutions