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Price increase with notification from $299 to $349?

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  • Price increase with notification from $299 to $349?

    Hi, I was saving money to buy this software.
    Unfortunately, the price changed without prior notice to public or at least to members of their site. (including forum members), that new price will be release.

    So I had this doubt if I will buy this software or not.
    The price of version 5 was $299 then it went to $349 (same version).....????
    Can anyone explain to me why sudden increase of price?
    I was expecting if there were new feature if price changed...

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    Re: Price increase with notification from $299 to $349?

    If you want more information about price I suggest you send an email to :
    They can help you more about prices.



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      Re: Price increase with notification from $299 to $349?


      I think software, good software these days is too cheap. Prices need to changes, especially as SC grows, right now in the US, I would say very few know about it. My point is... its worth $349 and I think $349 is fair and at times CHEAP for what Scriptcase can do... So, that is why I think they changed it ;-)

      Sorry, you had figured the prior price, but I can say SC is really the best tool out there to actually do RAPID DEVELOPMENT, not just give you an integrated environment that allows you to write all code from scratch, with SC it writes probably 90% of all code generally speaking.

      If SC can get up to speed about 1) mobile development from and reuse our SC apps and 2) providing things like a REST API or REST SERVER in our environment as middle layer to our apps... I would say I would pay upwards of $500-750 per seat!

      SC has that much value!

      best regards,