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    Is lecensing changed from "per PC" to "per user"? I would like to use SC on my 2 computer, at home and at University to develop my project. Is is possible to share one licence between 2 computers? (This is not about share projects - I know how to do it - export/import etc). Will be more flexible if I can use my SC at 2 places. Please answer.



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      SC licensing is per PC. I recommend you to contact our sales team at



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        Please contact our sales team at



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          Most easy way: use a remote desktop solution. I use Logmein free for that, but you can use RDS, teamviewer etc.
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            Hi all,

            I registered just to agree aklisiewicz :P

            I'm evaluating scriptcase, seems a really interesting application, but now, when noticed about licensing, I'm not too sure about buy it for the reason explained on first topic (I will review otherwise of course)

            Let me explain a little what I mean. First of all, I don't say NetMake change the way how they has to license their application, of course, but I just want to express and explain why I don't see this licensing good.

            At Office, I work on a PC, and outside office I work with a laptop. I'm not just always at office, and I'm not just always outside (I'm developer, commercial, technician, and so on)... but I have to work anyway. Some of you talk about remote access, and this is marvelous, when you have always internet access. I have many situations where I don't have Internet access, one of them, for example, when I go to my parents town.

            Plus to this, I don't like to develop over internet because then, I depends on a lot of factors to do my job (Internet Access available, router working, wifi, and so on...).

            One of the strong points of Scriptcase is the price, but for me, I would need 2 licenses as 2 developers. Then, Scriptcase costs me 500$ more just because how license works, and then, is not so competitive against other solutions (independently if this others solutions are better or worse).

            I don't know wich is the best solution. I'm not in position to tell NetMake how to license his app, but just I wanted to express, why Scriptcase went from a "secure buy" to "I have to study very well".
            I remember having Delphi purchased, and installed on a lot of computers, but I never broke the EULA. When new developer entered, I bought another license.


            P.S.: In 2014, is ridiculous to continue using methods to avoid copying software. The most important factor is added value, support, service, because all software in planet, is susceptible to be hacked. My software don't have any piracy method, because I prefer to spend this time on get a better product, and my costumers worth this.
            P.S.2: You are wrong. You don't need 2 license of MS Office to have it installed on 2 computers:

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              I can not really see the problem.
              If you install SC on your laptop you can use it on the network from the computer you have in the office or from any other computer connected through a simple browser.
              So if your priority is to ensure the use even when you have no connection, then your notebook will be your "server" so wherever you go you can have it all with you.
              BTW this is only a suggestion.
              Giorgio Bravi
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                but this is an easy solution .. the computer user are recorded, and every time I go to ScriptCase verified if I come from one of the computers registered and if no one else on another computer recorded and if the license is a user simultaneously, as you let go or not depending on the case.
                well, a license for two users can simultaneously connect to two computers from the list of pc user of that license.
                a user with a license for one user may connect only to a pc simultaneamenta your list.

                sorry for my bad English.