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    as living in a country with three languages to support, we deployed a small project (around 50 app's).

    Now the users are bringing in suggestions to change some langauge depended texts.

    As far we received the notion from sc support to change them and re-deploy the whole project as the single method
    of updating the language depended text in the deployed project.

    Another suggestion by the sc_support was to signal this to sc suggestion to include in a next release.
    So with v6 just out this could be sometime next, next ,.. year if suggestion would be accepted.

    Also i know there are not so many countries with multi-language cultures but ..
    Has anyone another idea, how we could change this directly in the deployed project.

    Hope someone, has something to offer.

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    Re: multi-language projects

    You mean that you want to change some languange directly in an already deployed project? Am I Right?
    Best regards,
    Carlos Lacerda.
    ScriptCase Commercial Manager.

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      Re: multi-language projects

      Sorry Carlos,

      have been moved from the project to another project for some time.

      What we need is the ability to change text in a deployed project.

      Now we have to take it back to the development cycle and push it back to production.

      As i believe all text labels are in a internal DB, i believe SQLite. A small admin module to update
      this labels for the production environment, similar to the securty module, should be a welcome additions.


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        Re: multi-language projects

        Hello rodiusd,

        I have just sent your suggestion to update labels for the production environment to our development team. You can also send suggestions directly to

        Bernhard Bernsmann