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  • No Response from Licensing department...

    We needed to re-install ScriptCase 5.2 on a different machine after a recent upgrade of our IT-Equipment, in order to upgrade to SC 6 next.

    However, our last license number won’t work with the new hardware installation.

    So we generated a new license file and forwarded it to (Departmento Licensas) on Saturday, 03/10/2012 and again yesterday, 03/13/2012.

    Unfortunately, we have not received any response yet, needless to say, it is really urgent.

    How long does it take to generate a new license file/number???

    Or is the email address incorrect?


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    Re: No Response from Licensing department...

    I send them an e-mail yesterday and they say they need 48h to reply. I'm also stopped waiting to work. Hope they reply fast!


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      Re: No Response from Licensing department...

      This occurs as a security measure for the user himself, when some change is made in the environment, you must send an email to the (license department) to change the old serial, because the serial Scriptcase uses environmental data to be recorded. The response of the department of licensing are exactly 48 hours but are usually answered the same day.
      Best Regards,
      John L. Santos

      Bug Tracker Team
      NetMake - IT Solutions


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        Re: No Response from Licensing department...

        Well, I've been waiting for more than 72 hours and no reply at all.
        My boss is becoming desperate and he's blaming me for all this...



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          Re: No Response from Licensing department...

          To "john lennon":
          READ my post exactly! License file was generated and had been sent ***one-hundred-twenty*** (120) hours ago, that's a FULL FIVE days...

          I'm receiving PMs from people who are also waiting a looong time. This is just not OK!

          to Scriptcase:
          STOP STALLING, START GETTING YOU ACT TOGETHER, and generate the requested license information!


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            Re: No Response from Licensing department...

            Resent after 3 days of no response now, will act like that, if it takes longer. Stopped developing, cause I made my backup to tranfer to the new server.

            John Lennon, is there a way to speed it up???


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              6 days and counting... - Re: No Response from Licensing department...

              According to LinkedIn, the company behind Scriptcase is called Netmake Soluções em Informática and is listed with between 51-200 employees.

              If that's true (and I really doubt it), why are these people not able to:
              a. generate the licensing information necessary in order to work with their product?
              b. respond to emails, support tickets, forum discussions, etc. in a short and timely manner?

              We all have paid good money for the licenses, plus the upgrade fee for SC 6.

              Now that SC 6 is finally here, our company had purchased a new high-end workstation for a fresh SC 6 installation. In order to upgrade our projects to SC 6 we first need to re-install a fully working SC 5 environment in order to import the SC 5 projects from a backup copy.

              Now we are at Day 6, still waiting and our work has grinded down to at a literal standstill.

              Do the people at NetMake understand that they cause actual damage by not supporting the developers at the most basic level possible: to simply enable us to work with the product??

              If we can't deliver our projects in time, our clients put more and more pressure on us, question our reputation as serious partners, and so on.

              This is beyond frustrating.


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                Re: No Response from Licensing department...


                I contacted Bruna Azevedo <>
                and he sent me my .lic file to complete the registration.



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                  Re: No Response from Licensing department...

                  Thanks to Bruna I also got direct response with a new key. Now just facing some problems with moving the projects. But that a totally different story ...


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                    Re: No Response from Licensing department...

                    I have the same problem; despite emails sent, no response.

                    The GuiGuy
                    ... from Down Under


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                      I reinstalled mine on Windows system, logged in to new copy, clicked online registrating, typed old license number, screen popped up and said it is registered to another macnine, clicked obtain new license, hit enter and new license key showed on scree. It took a total of about 2 minutes.