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Upgrade to Version 6 has been become a living nightmare.

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  • Upgrade to Version 6 has been become a living nightmare.

    Just over a year ago I purchased scriptcase 5 plus bronze support - I even paid for the training class. All worked well..
    Two weeks ago I upgrade to version 6 and paid the $250 plus Bronze support again - at the same time I decided this new install would be on a much bigger faster computer as I had developed some very useful and well used programs that would now need more horsepower as I coiuld see Scriptcase in my company's long term development.

    This is where my nightmare began. The registration created a 'Serial' entry on the NetMake server with a date of 6//20/06/0 and now on logging in to scriptcase I am shown the following >

    Upgrade: Expired 732685 days ago.
    Your upgrade expired in 6//20/06/0.
    To guarantee that you have access to all new features, click here to renew your upgrade now.
    Support: Expired 732836 days ago.

    I have called support got a ticket number (16522-66066060100), called sales, been on online chat (ref 24066) where I was told by Gustavo Tenorio on June 7th 2012 that I would get a response in max of 48 hours - did not! - my next chat session reference 24155 June 13th 2012 I was told by Felipe Celestino to contact I did so and got a reply in Spanish. I google translated and it informed me to click on create New Installation. I did that too. Got a new License - rebooted / restarted / lost more hair - but still have same license problem.

    My ticket number for support is not accessible because my license is not up to date (in fact is is 732685 days out of date!)).

    Is there anyone there who can help - this is gone way to far....

    Software good - support /licensing abysmal..............

    Malcolm Carter
    IT Director
    Hub Construction Specialties inc
    California USA

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    Re: Upgrade to Version 6 has been become a living nightmare.

    I like ScriptCase but the paid support is really lacking!! I would think they would have some sort of support staff for US customers. I'm finding out that support is the key to the success of this product. I feel for you good luck!


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      Re: Upgrade to Version 6 has been become a living nightmare.


      I check your email please, I think your problem was solved, let me know ok?
      Best regards,
      Carlos Lacerda.
      ScriptCase Commercial Manager.

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