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Open Letter: Why I am Giving up on SC

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    Re: Open Letter: Why I am Giving up on SC

    For your information, I was a CodeCharge Studio user and recently moved over to Scriptcase.
    Yes there are issues surrounding documentation, but the support Scriptcase offer is pretty good.
    CodeCharge Studio had one major release every 2 years, very sporadic patches (every 6-as months) and the last one there was no roadmap and no info from the company. The user forum thought they had packed up and gone home!
    In stark contrast Scriptcase is issuing patches on a weekly basis.
    They seem to listen to their users.

    I agree that p__runner is really not in the same league as ScriptCase.
    CodeChargeStudio is good but could be a real pig and really doesn't offer the same breadth of functionality as SC.

    There's no ideal product. In my opinion, learn the product's strengths and weaknesses and code around its strong points - be imaginative!

    It kind of can get frustrating sometimes when you hit a wall though...
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      I used PHPRunner for several years and changed to SC. The reason was, that PHPRunners helds all information within a XML text file.

      1. My projects got to big and PHPRunner was not able to handle my growing projects in memory. PHPRunner crashed !!
      2. After Update in PHPRunner I often had to control and correct the layout of all forms, because they often got damaged !!!
      3. It was not possible to work with many developers on the same project.

      The support of PHPRunner is much better than the support of SC, but I think the SC-Support is working on it....

      Best regards
      Uwe Pfeiffer


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        Here is my comment. The more I use SC the more I learn how to use it. Most of the time if I am having trouble or something is difficult I am just doing something wrong. I hand coded PHP for years and SC is a joy to use. This script has saved my butt more than once by allowing me to meet a deadline that was nearly impossible. With good planing you can build a very complicated script in days instead of weeks or months.

        You can build scripts with SC with very little knowledge of PHP since it does a lot of that for you, but I recommend that people still should learn the fundamentals of scripting. In other words don't buy it thinking that you just push a couple of buttons and you are a php coder, sort of like DeamWeaver for webdesign, it's still makes sense to know html and css.

        One of the things I really like about SC is it takes care of the time consuming things like building forms, grids or layout and still allows complete control over hand written code.

        Version 7 is coming, HTML 5 is coming, MOBILE is coming! Now that is cool. Now if they can just dump the iframes we will really have something to work with.
        Latest version of Scriptcase updated regularly. Hosted on my own Cpanel server running php 5.4x and Centos. Use latest version of Firefox for development browser.


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          I can only 2nd that. There are a few basic things to know before you start a project in sc. First you need to have a basic knowledge of php. You don't need to know all the object related stuff, basic operations will suit fine. (I'm not saying that you don't need oo in any case, but it's not necessary). Second you need to have a *good* database design. Having a wrong table structure or missing fields: changing that might become a time consuming task. Think well before you start. Next: Have a good idea of the userinterface what you want to make. One menu, two menus, horizonal/vertical, grid/detail or editable gridforms. Four: think about interfacing between your application. You need globals to pass data through. Declare them in one spot (mostly in the logon application). It is not necessary but *very* handy as documentation. It's soooo easy to declare a global variable on spot that you might forget it and redeclare another var for a similar task. Final: think about authorisation, logs etc. SC has a great securtiy generator, but if you create a full blown module you need to set checkboxes on every application on every role on every function ... You might be better of creating separate apps for separate roles.
          Albert Drent
          aducom software netherlands
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            some people are using a SC Forum to say other user they should change to PHPRunner ???
            I worked with PHPRunner for several years and changed to Scriptcase.. !!

            It's okay, if you choosed PHPRunner, but it's not okay to argue against SC in a SC forum..

            You should leave this forum ...and go your way..
            That's my opinion.

            In the PHPRunner forum such users are deleted !!

            Uwe Pfeiffer
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              I played with ___runner and yes it delivers crud pages. But for that sake it is ok. Some template work needs to be done and multilingual stuff. But then there is more crud stuff on sourceforge that
              is more versatile then ___runner (my opinion).
              For php gui stuff dreamweaver seems to be quite good, but there you need to do more handwork to get it working. Most table stuff and simple form stuff is still the fastest in sc.


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                Just look at the price of dreamweaver and you're out of your dream ;-)
                Albert Drent
                aducom software netherlands
                scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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                  Aducom you got that right!
                  Latest version of Scriptcase updated regularly. Hosted on my own Cpanel server running php 5.4x and Centos. Use latest version of Firefox for development browser.


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                    I am an valid existing PHPRunner user, and I felt that the support (support forum) is disappointed.

                    They simply delete question without answering it. If you questions relates to bug of PHPRunner, they just simply deleted it from forum, without informing you.
                    I believe they deleted it because do not want potential user knows there is a bug/bugs in their application.

                    They are not really appreciate your hard work to inform them a bug, and not even to bother to answer you whether re-producible by them.
                    They just deleted it, that's all... finish story.

                    PHPRunner is great product, but after-sale support (forum I mean) it really sucked, sorry to say this.