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  • FOI letter generator styled form

    Hello I am looking for a script which can generate the FOI letter generator like the one available here:

    Is there an option where this scriptcase can showcase if the above is possible?

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    If you - in general - want to be able to generate letters of any kind then you could try to look into the invoice pdf sample which you can find on the SC website (look at the youtube movies) It shows you how to create a pdf letter based on things stored in the database. If you have to apply your own form data then it might be a bit more work as you need to create templates. One thing I once did was creating a html template and substituted some data by formdata and applied that to the read-only tinyMCE to be able to print it. Comes close I guess too. Does this help you on the way? Or am I misinterpreting your question?
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