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  • 2 scriptcase version together

    We have one scriptcase server 7.0.0014 with php 5.3 with its own license. We want to install (next to it) the 7.1.0018 with php 5.4.
    According to we can upgrade and keep both together.
    Quote: "This tutorial shows the replacement of the environment PHP 5.3 to PHP 5.4, however, the two environments can coexist on the same server. Simply discard the second step of this tutorial."

    Last time we tried this on another server it didnt work properly on our old 5.3 install because of bugs on your side. So can I run the 7.0.0014 php 5.3 together with 7.1.0018 with php 5.4? And very importantly, can I keep them runnign together for several months so that we have the time to move all our applications to the new 7.1.0018 php 5.4 and test it in detail.
    This isnt done in a few days, seeing that we have lots of other work to do as well.

    Please answer this simple question or find out what the proper answer is. We dont want to suddenly be blocked in the 7.0.0014 php 5.3 version. That would be very bad, apart from the point that the promise on your website then would be seriously wrong as well..

    Please advise asap.

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    Hello rr,

    I will contact our sales team regarding those questions.



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      Good then I'll wait with updating our second server until this is fixed since I dont want to have problems on that server at all... I would prefer it to have an answer quickly since we are waiting to update our second scriptcase server.


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        Hi rr,

        The website information is correct. You can install both environments on the same server, that you will don't have any problem. The unique thing that we don't recommend, about this, is the use of two Scriptcases on the same browser, because that can affect the sessions variables of it. Please, tell me which problems you had when you tried to do this.

        Best regards,
        Caio Guerra
        Caio Guerra
        Scriptcase - Web Developer


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          Dont worry about the session variables I know in detail how to resolve that (see my post about PHPSESSIONID in apache). It is just that we need to move project for project over to the .0019 version and we dont want the old one to be no longer accessible. So for a certain period of time we need both running on the same server.
          I assume that you check the license on the ip address, since we run our scriptcase servers from behind a reverse proxy with a vpn I am still doubting whether this actually would work. We'll see.