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  • Mobile support

    I just want to throw my two cents in about how important Mobile support is for this product.

    It's not the future - it's now.

    I don't expect this product to natively support mobile device features, but I would hope there is at least support in the form of code generated that works well on Mobile devices. This means at a minimum - the layout resizing, the controls resizing, and gestures working.

    In the very near future, a large percentage of people browsing today at a PC will be browsing on a tablet.

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    Re: Mobile support

    Agree, at some point even desktops will move to touch screens with keyboards. I think the mouse is dead except for certain applications like cad and maybe graphics.
    Latest version of Scriptcase updated regularly. Hosted on my own Cpanel server running php 5.4x and Centos. Use latest version of Firefox for development browser.


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      Re: Mobile support


      Mobile support is very important.



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        Re: Mobile support

        BTW, I have done some very limited experimenting with SC and mobile layout. It is possible, but requires special mobile style tags. I was able to get it to work by adding the tags in the onload event, but this is not the proper way to do it. Once again, these tags should be added to the <head></head> section of the app / menu or better yet in the main style sheet for the app. Manually editing the CSS file kind of defeats the purpose of using SC since the changes will be overwritten each time you deploy.
        Latest version of Scriptcase updated regularly. Hosted on my own Cpanel server running php 5.4x and Centos. Use latest version of Firefox for development browser.


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          well I thought you could make changes to the local CSS files so they are deployed along with the Apps (?)
          I think JOOMLA is an excellent example on how to do it. They separated template system from the CMS code, so people can create templates usine Responsive Design structure. This way the website is smart enough to open properly on the smartphone, but this is only really fully functional in Joomla 3+



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            Keeping this topic active...

            Any news from SC on this? Has anyone in the user community has any success along these lines? If so could you elaborate please?



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              Standard windoes seem to work well under ios and android using various browsers. safari and chrome for ios has some serious bugs that make windows that open in a frame loose the scrollbar. This seems not to happen with android, and also not with firefox for ios (yes there is a firefox for ios).


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                OK, I just trried to open an SC App on my mobile phone and except the menu it looks completely unacceptable.
                I wonder if there is anybody who knows how to work with SC templates ?
                Perhaps we could build some custom templates to take care of that.



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                  Normal stylesheets allow percentages so I guess it also works if you put that in your templates instead of px
                  Just check out w3schools (e.g.


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                    Does Android have a SC App?


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                      Nope but I if I run firefox in desktop mode on my tablet or my phone I get my windows just as with a desktop.


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                        I have just sent your suggestion to our team.

                        Bernhard Bernsmann


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                          a mobile support is a really important


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                            SC for Android ? hehe - that would be cool, but - sorry - you not gonna live that long


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                              NET MAKE please answer !

                              DEAR NET MAKE - can you post some updates on how the company relates to this request ?