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    There are a few issues I have with helpcase. First of all I have a language problem. As a university we need to create our applications multilangual. I can setup a helpfile per language. But in a form I can only address one helppage. I need that to be more flexible. First I thought that I could solve that by adding a language link to the help page. But the editor does not allow me to add hyperlinks. Well actually that is not true, I can add hyperlinks, but not to another helpfile of another folder in the structure. Scriptcase will add the full path including the help subfolder to anything you enter. This makes it unusable.
    the help popups per field is another issue. This needs to be bound to the helpfile
    the helpfile is static. You create it once and that's it. Problem that occurs is that the developer needs to create the helpfile. Where end-users might be responsible.

    I suggest to add a help module which generates help tables and crud modules like the security module. This way you can open the helpfile to end-users to allow editing. The help text can be obtained from the database which is convenient. I.e. on typo's you can easily alter the text in stead of re-generating helpfiles and deploy.
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    I have just sent your suggestion to our development team.

    Bernhard Bernsmann