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    ScriptCase has nice field data types selection, but all of them lacks a select for large queries.
    Dual Select is an example of this: you have two lists, but if the first (source) list has thousands of records, the page can not be rendered (due a big page) or simply is impossible to find the records you want to select.
    Select field has the same problem, the list may be impossible to browse.
    Auto-complete does not have this problem, but you only can select one at a time.
    You can even make a link in an Integer field and get a powerful grid to search for one record, but not for multiples.
    Suppose you have a list of thousands customers and you want to Select in a Search (filter) for comparison an small group of them. The second (selected) list will be small and no problem to remove one (or all) of them, but is so difficult (mostly impossible) to find what you a looking for in the first list between thousands of records.
    I don't know if this is possible to do with ScriptCase (I'm using the latest v7.1), but in my opinion this will be a good new field type that shall be present in ScriptCase: Cherry-pick Select.
    I see this as a list of selected fields (normally this list will be small) with a collection of small buttons: '+' button to add one or more, '-' button to remove selected, '*' to add all (list will show the asterisk not all selected, list will be so big to insert all records) and 'C' button to remove all. The add button will bring up a linked grid for the selection and even multi selection. Even for a more powerful and easy to use, optionally add an Auto-complete field working similar as Quicksearch of the grid to quickly find by simply typing. If you need advanced or manual search, click on + for the grid.
    As I think that this is not present and I need it urgently, I'm trying to implement using JQuery to insert this additions in the DOM, but will be difficult to me due no documentation about ScriptCase JavaScript functions, but I'll try.. Any help or documentation about this will be appreciated. I spect that ScriptCase will add this field in a next release and then omit this hard work..

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    I have just sent your suggestion to our team.

    Bernhard Bernsmann