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  • Customized Production Environment GUI

    Hi. It would be great if SC permitted us developers to do some customization to the production environment GUI that boots when you first deploy an project.

    What I mean is, I would at a minimum like to brand the thing with my own logo and name/info. My thinking here is that I could provide a zipped up deployment to a client, and when they did the install or later change to the DB settings, it would match the look of my company, etc. Simple config settings , like logo and totle, contact info, etc, could be stored at the project level in SC. Then when deployed, those would be generated into the production code.

    Also, along those lines. The info.php and the diagnosis.php files that are automatically deployed as part of the deployment - in the /_lib folder - I think those should be something we , as developers, have direct control over, if they deploy or not. They just go with every SC deployment now, and I do not like giving hackers any insight into what my settings are in SC or the server. Seems like a simple option on deploy...

    Also, the production environment. Perhaps a hook or event(s) could fire that we could have access to... maybe one at login to production environment, one that could be trigger by the user inside that environment? Would be nice to allow us developers to make SQL tables in the DB, etc.

    Anyway, I think these are doable ideas. If you need any further info from me on this, I would be happy to discuss.

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    I totally agree. Would like to add the possibility to declare which libs are used so I only have to upload the needed stuf.
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      Oh yeah, that reminds me... we also need an 'anything deploy' added too - a folder on the SC development box where a developer could put any file(s) and/or folder(s) and then an optional checkbox on deploy that would package that whole folder into the deployment. This would be VERY useful for all the odd type sof files, images, code and stuff that we may want to bring along.

      It would avoid the issue of ever having to 'violate' the rules and upload stuff manually to a deployment site. This would be super simple to implement at SC. Just check the checkbox and zip up the folder. As long as the path to that folder is consistent with the folder where our apps are, we as developers could reference them in any app with a path like ../../anything-folder/myspecialfile.XXXXXX



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        Nice to have ...
        Best regards: - Reinhard -

        I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)


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          It would be nice to see some kind of affirmation from SC staff that these types of ideas are welcome and possible going on some idea list somewhere?


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            Hello Jamie,

            Your suggestion has been acknowledged by us since your first post. Sorry for not sending you a feedback earlier.

            I'm going to discuss your suggestion with our team.