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  • multiple form with detail form

    Dear scriptcase support,

    we need to give a "multiple record form" the permission to have a detail form like this example
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    There are several ways to do this, I will mention two ways!

    One is using the native capabilities of the SC. You can create 3 "Containers" and do according to what is in the example!

    The other option would be to work with "iframe", for this you would have to create 3 virtual fields like "Label" inside the label you put the iframe code!

    good luck!


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      I have just sent your suggestion to our team.

      Bernhard Bernsmann


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        hello FredKeyster,

        If I use "containers" so I can't do a relation between tables , and if I change the selected row in master table how can I change the specific rows in detail table ??
        I need a relation between tables that is my point .

        Thanks for your reply .


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          It is possible by fiddling with javascript. You need to refresh the IFrame with the correct url and pass parameters. It's doable, and I remember there's a faq somewhere on SC site. But JS is not my strongest point. I often use a 'roadmap' in my applications: the step to do is on the left container, the detail screen on the right. Steps taken are green, current step is blue etc. you get the picture. To refresh I use the timer which is in the iframe. I have set it to 5 secs, not exactly ideal.
          Albert Drent
          aducom software netherlands
          scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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            We have a sample of a similar application:

            There is no tutorial, but you can download all sample applications and see how the app was built.

            Bernhard Benrsmann