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    I have some custom fields for the end-user. As I cannot create a dynamic form easily I am showing and hiding fields when needed. For date fields I have a simple mask. But if I use a global variable in the mask field it is not replaced by the global I gave. I.e. in onscriptinit or onload:


    leads to:

    NM_tab_crit[2] = new NM_critica('F1', 'activitytimeinfo', 'activitytimeinfo', '[glob_datemask]', 'lista', 'cxab', 50, 'TUDO');

    It is highly appreciated that global variables or field variables are allowed in the mask-field.

    Another nice option would be to be able to change the field type. In that case it would be possible to change a text field to date and have the date select box shown.
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