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[FORUMS] Some things about new forums and community.

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  • [FORUMS] Some things about new forums and community.

    New forums, looks great, but has very problems I don't like, and I would like if possible to be solved (previous to the change we had this options)

    1.- You can't attach image inline until you save the post. In fact, once saved, If I try to insert it inline with Fullscreen option, I get an "you are not authorized" to view this page. I have to delete the "wrong image" icon, and the click on fullsize again, the image is inserte inline.

    2.- I can't moderate from mobile, options are not there. Aren't either an option to go to "Full version" instead "mobile"

    3. But the feature I miss more is "unread posts" like Brazilian forum has (and we have previous to update).
    With this I can monitor better latest post read/unread and sortered by date, right now, I go completely crazy and I don't know if I answered the post or not, because It shows the first entry of each post.

    1 and 2 are annoyiing, but well, I can live with it some time, but the lack of 3 is very very disturbing.
    And just as opinion, I don't like vBulletin. SMF (as Brazllian website) is the better forum engine IMHO, and don't know why both communities has differents forums.

    I visit both communities, and I think could be better to join this 2 forums under the same forum, is beneficial for both.

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