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    I'd like a way to access the individual application settings. Right now, we're designing for web, android, and iphone. Our process is similar to scriptcase, so there's a lot of duplication of effort. If I could access things like label name, field input type (text, select, textarea, etc.) and the field settings (DB lookups, field length, etc.) I could drastically cut our development time. I think Scriptcase users would also enjoy the ability to export native mobile applications. HTML is fine, but isn't the best for mobile apps. Our customers want native apps with the ability to save data locally if no cell connection exists.

    The ability to read (without scraping the site), and/or write some code to change scriptcase settings (without tons of mouse clicks) would be really useful. Does scriptcase save its app and project settings in a database or something similar? Is there a way to do this, I'm not aware of? Would Scriptcase be interested in also offering the ability to also create native apps?

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    Scriptcase added a feature a little while ago called Express Edit. Its located under the Tools menu. It doesn't let you edit fields but a few good options are present there. A few more settings can be managed from the Default Values option located under Project.