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The blog is completely useless

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  • The blog is completely useless


    Since few months ago I have notices that the blog section has been publishing content that is totally useless. Let me show the latest 10 topics:
    1. HTML Tables
    2. The importance of links
    3. Text Formatting
    4. HTML and its Basic Structure
    5. Composition of Web Services
    6. Service composition
    7. What is a web service?
    8. Three reasons to use an ERP
    9. Life stages of an ERP
    10. Critical success factors for ERP implementation

    Sum of comments on those topics: 0
    I have read some of them, the content itself is well-written and looks like the author inverted good enough time to reach about. But, all of those topics are completely over-talked in internet. If you put "HTML Tables" this could be the most boring and repetitive tutorial ever. Who does write a topic like this in a blog now days?? I do know if the people thinks like me, but who cares to learn about ERP, Web services or html in ScriptCase.

    I have wrote like 5 comments, but they are not published. Does too lazy to respond me?

    What I feel about the blog? "Hey Carlos, write any crap thing there just to keep the blog alive".
    The ScriptCase team should be productive and stay one step closer to the needs of their customers with good ScriptCase content that could be really useful for the end user. Yes, the people has a samples section, but how about to publish snippet of code having different objectives for beginner guys:
    1. Adding a Facebook's post walls into a control application
    2. Reproducing mp3 files into a grid application using toolbars button's as music's control panel
    3. What is the best way to access an image in the filesystem
    4. Best practices for sql queries
    5. Why should I use sc_concat() macro instead of select count(*)?
    6. How to avoid submit the form again?
    7. An example of progress bar in a column using grid application.
    8. How to create my first blog? Part I
    9. How to create my first blog? Part II

    If you publish ScriptCase content and cool cases you are inviting to the people to be motivated and inspire creativeness with ScriptCase.
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    Agree. The word you are looking for is just SEO.

    For this reason I created a blog on scruptcasers. Just I'm out of free time to write right now.

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      Cant edit, I hate my phone. And lastly I created videos. Faster than create a blog entry

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        I agree also, if Scriptcase is posting blogs it should go about Scriptcase.
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          As you said, it is completely useless!
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            Thank you for this feedback.
            I think your arguments are valid, I'll make this reach Carlos.

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              Thank you, guys.