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Build in a javascript function sc_inputbox

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  • Build in a javascript function sc_inputbox

    Hi, i think that is nececsary that SC have build in some functios javascript for our use . I can see that enviroment SC have some a inputbox when a user click into a field readonly.

    i would like we can have for our use this same functionality.

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    See link:

    In an SC PHP script you can invoke these by wrapping in an "echo":

    e.g. for alert:

    echo "<SCRIPT LANGUAGE='javaScript' type='text/javaScript'>alert ('Hello, this is an ALERT box.')</SCRIPT>";
    Or just:
    echo "<SCRIPT>alert ('Hello, this is an ALERT box.')</SCRIPT>";
    You can do the same thing for a prompt / input box I believe.


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      Thanks you adz, i know how do it, but when you run javascript with a prompt , it show up of you webpage, not near from you clicked, and the themes do not look nice.


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        I think this could be done using a control form with one textbox only(value of this should convert to global veriablr) and calling that form as modal(height width matter) from main form.
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