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  • Layout issues

    Something I've been strugling with since I started SC is the alignments of fields and blocks. If I have a dataset which I divide in three blocks then each block has a label on the left and a field on the right. But the input fields of each block start on a different position. The columnwidths of each block are not the same. Sometimes I can correct that by setting the css of the field label and field to a certain size. But that does not always do the job. I would welcome a simple and fast way to set the columnwidth in one step. It's a burdon to set each and every field one-by-one as you have to wait for the webserver to refresh your screen which is time consuming. The edit fields would be a good place. But the most welcome option would be that you can set column widths manually in a fast way,i.e. at the blocks.

    btw. I did change the columns to 'provide' to set label width. I found out that the multiple editbox is the cause of all the trouble.... If you resize it, the columnwidth is not respected. So afaik a bug.
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    Albert Drent
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    Hello Albert,

    I will discuss this issue with our team, whether if it is a bug or a suggestion.

    Bernhard Bernsmann