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    WHAT IS THE REASON TO USE 5-6 different font sizes in SC IDE ? Some fotns are to small and some are to large! There is a basic rule in IDE design. Fonts should not be different by more than 10%. So if one uses 10pts as standard, then the largest font used should not be larger than 11pt and smaller than 9pt (except for the big headers etc.)

    I wonder why NetMake does certain changes even consulting users. The font sizes on the tabs which represent each opened App got increased by 20-30%. This way we can see less ! YES - less - so there is more scrolling. Why change something which is working fine ? Seems like the icons were also enlarged so instead fitting about 12 opened Apps, now I can only fit 8. This really isn't any improvement for me.

    here is an example....of text below
    PLEASE CHANGE IT TO THE WAY IT WAS BEFORE (in SC7), it was fine. !
    does it really match with the rest ? ugly right ?

    I also would like to see the setting which allows to bind the line all Apps tabs which do not fit into first line put into second line (OR have selectable drop down list) to select from the opened Apps). LEFT/RIGHT scrolling, where there is no scrollbar is very inconvenient and super slow !


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    Hello Arthur,

    I don't think yelling will help in any way to solve the issue you are presenting. No need for that.

    I will discuss this issue with our team.

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      No offense!

      This isn't yelling, I just simply showed no sense of making changes like that (while nobody has requested such change).
      IT has been discussed number of times on the forum that NetMake should concentrate on the things that are suggested and reported by the users. Only users know what they want/need the most. Making certain changes that are not main priority for SC is simply waste of time and unnecessary energy for all of us. This is what makes certain companies win and their loose the battle for customer. If the company does not listen to what the clients wants sooner or later there will be another company THAT WILL, and guess who the first one becomes ? looser. I really wish NetMake to succeed but this will only happen if the company will listen and react. Please do not make changes and improvements nobody expects but make users requests priority !
      There are hundreds of little places in SC to fix, so why change something which was fine in the past and nobody complained (?)

      Thank you for your response - Arthur



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        Hello Arthur,

        Your feedback is very valuable to us. I will discuss your constructive criticism with our team.