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DIsable MS-Access DB icon when no ADO present

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  • DIsable MS-Access DB icon when no ADO present

    I have spent most of today on a Win8 setup to try and connect Scriptcase8's MS-Access ODBC connection. I have a System DSN OBDC configured and known to be working. I click the MS-Access New DB connection icon and it says "MS-Access (ODBC Preferred)" or something similar.

    I could not get it to work. I know itr was working in SC7, but now, in SC8 it doesn't.

    Finally I twig! Use the ODBC connection from the icon at the far right! Yeah! Brilliant! Works! Not bad after hours of stuffing around and going stupid trying to get "MS Access" connections to work.

    So, to my suggestion; either make it clear in the documentation that the MS Access New Connection is not intended for ODBC or better still, check in the Scriptcase code when it loads for the presence of ADO. Then enable the icon accordingly.

    Simple really. And very, very good for my blood pressure and definitely very good for people like me who only read instructions after everything else has failed.
    The GuiGuy
    ... from Down Under