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Wasted space and ide

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  • Wasted space and ide

    Please resize the "Default Values" in SC settings screen so it is 600 pixels or less. Sometimes I use my small tablet to work with SC and wasted space forcing me to scroll up and down, left and right drives me nuts ! Dear Netmake - you need to remember that some devs work on mobile devices or small laptops and space on the screen becomes very precious.


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    Hello aka.
    We started support to mobile on the version 8, but note that we give support to the Generated applications only.
    We don't support our tool itself for mobiles, while you can use mobile devices to develop with sc in a phone or tablet its not otimized for it.

    So there will be situations when trying to do a small task at the sc's interface from your mobile devide might drive you nuts! (sorry for that! )

    Today our tool's interface is optimized to the resolution 1366x768 and above.
    Unfortunatelly we need some demand to optimize the sc interface for mobile devices since we would need to invest some good time doing it.

    Several screens of our tool isnt compatible with mobile resolutions so we would need to rework a lot of screens / functionalities and it takes time to do that.

    Development Team
    Netmake - IT Solutions


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      you probably nor reading my post ! I'm talking about wasted space on the desktop PC (not mobile). There are tons of places where an entry, string, text etc is truncated but there is plenty of space on the left or on the right. It seems like IDE designers really need to go to some school and learn about usability and design. It seems like SC was designed for 640x480 resolution.
      PLENTY OF SPACE but it is not used. Why make certain fonts so small or cut the strings if there is room to show it ? This is insane !

      Yes, I mentioned the tablet but these days nobody would use something like a phone to work with SC, so at least 1024 pixels resolution should be considered as standard. Before you release next SC version check how it looks and works on 1024 screen !

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        Sorry if I misunderstood (and delayed reply).
        The problem is: Scriptcase has its legacy.

        It started long ago where a 1024p was considered a high-end resolution, so there was a lot of smaller screens back then...
        We do lack a dedicated front-end developer for things like this, but we are looking for people to do this kind of job. But every update / version we make, things get renewed responsively.

        It takes more time than it should because our staff is still small compared to the size of our tool.

        Quick edit:
        Layout feedback is important to us. Whenever we need to rework something. We try to stop and work on the interface when its possible.
        So if you have suggestion we may take note and when something will the modules we can improve interface a bit
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        Development Team
        Netmake - IT Solutions